Sunday, 15 Sep 2019
PadFix Smart - an innovative way Print

PadFix Smart is an innovative way of equipping your package cost efficiently with sponge pads or other materials. The device can be used in combination with any thermoforming machine. Thanks to its compact size the unit requires very little space.


You will benefit from the possibility of easily adjusting the cutting length and hence save material costs.


The PadFix Smart allows you to process totally sealed pads.


An integrated fiber extraction system with filter reduces pollution to a minimum.


The modular Rodotec assembly system allows you to adjust the device individually to your needs.

PadFix Smart L

Longitudinal position of rolls

In this arangement the rolls are positioned parallel to the machine tracks, allowing for cutting the pads exactly to the required length.


- no roll change if pad length is changed
- changes in length are made via the control panel
- lighter rolls due to smaller width
- more rolls on the device require less roll changes


Additional features:

- unit available in various sizes
- totally sealed pads can be reliably separated in the gaps (optional)
- dust extraction with filter provides efficient reduction of cutting fiber contaminations
- easy operation through the display on touch screen
- monitoring of padrolls (optional)