Sunday, 15 Sep 2019
Assembly Technology is a matter of trust Print

Today a cost effective production is not conceivable without automation any more. Product lifetimes are getting shorter – and the demands for intelligent and adaptable automation technologies accordingly greater. Products, concepts and solutions must correspond to the respective needs and be matched perfectly to each other.

Successful automation is based on Knowhow and brainwork

Plan your next generation of assembly equipment already in the product development phase - with Rodotec as a partner. As an experienced and creative team we do not give up until we have found the best solution and the right components. The perfect running of the assembly and production process is ensured through extensive tests and simulations and through careful training of your personnel.

Transfer Systems





The transfer system with just one
chain profile and two side profiles
is outstanding in its simple, uncluttered
system design.
  The mechanised / manual assembly workstation
provides the answer to many demands.
  Rodotec offers a complete range of automation solutions: engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of turnkey assembly systems.