Peripheric rotary indexing assembly table Print


Optimum use of personal capabilities.

Today's assembly challenges

- small production quantities
- short product lifetimes
- countless product varieties
- order-specific assembly
- short throughput times
- tight quality requirements

The solution!

This mechanised / manual assembly workstation
provides the answer to all these
requirements. It offers an attractive assembly
solution that is both adaptable and
highly cost-effective. Staff who operate a
Peripheric enjoy their work more and their
efficiency is enhanced. Increased
responsibility will motivate your staff
and raise your productivity.


Production control

- recording and processing customer
- recording and processing assembly processes
- controlling and monitoring the system
  and the product quality
- product traceability
- connection to PPC

Your benefits

- more speed thanks to the repetition
- shorter reaching distances thanks to
  central rotating grab containers
- less searching because parts are automatically
  placed ready for pickup
- fewer secondary assembly processes,
  because assembly is possible on several
- increased quality through guided
- no dependency on phasing because
  one person handles the entire assembly
- a highly ergonomic workstation

… For special applications
as well

- insensitive to oil and dirt
- repair mode strategy
- pallet indexing forward and backward

… Long term cost effectiveness

- production from batch size 1
- the benefits listed above can cut assembly
  times by 25–45%
- this machine can be reused to assemble 
  other products in nearly every case