Peripheric ®

The patented, semi-automatic
single workstation concept
for small to medium production quantities.


- Small production quantities
- Short product life
- Countless product variants
- Order-related assembly
- Short throughput times
- Increased quality requirements

The solution!

- Increased efficiency by minimizing operator movement
- Integration of time-neutral automatic processes
- Integration of process monitoring
- Adaptable and economically interesting assembly solution
- Increases the joy and performance of the operator




Rodotec patent
Standard machine

Production increase

Up to 40 increase %
Flexible & expandable


Motion repetition
No routes & search times


Shorter gripping distances
Low space requirement



Optimum use through...

    Parts provisioning without accurate
    arrangement and at different distances

    Hand movement: 2.4 km / day
    Movements in all directions

    Chronological provision of parts and
    always at the same distance

    Hand movement: 0. 6 km / day
    Shortening of the gripping distances
    to about 15 - 25 cm

The casting plate provides a stable basis for many automatic processes. The workpiece carrier is precisely positioned via the centring module. The stations work time neutrally (simultaneously, parallel) with the operator, who inserts and assembles parts at the manual workstation.

    Assembly without motion repetition
    Assembly with motion repetition

By repeating an activity n-fold, manual operations become more efficient.

With the Peripheric, the handheld screwdriver only needs to be picked up once, e. g. for the assembly of 10 workpiece carriers. The secondary time is thus only 1/10 of the fetch and bring time.
Workpiece carriers
Customer-specific component mounting guarantees efficient assembly. With the controlled assembly processes and workpiece positions (Poka-Yoke principle) the quality is massively increased.

Row mounting

Important: For row mounting, the difference in mounting time per workstation t1,2,3 should not be more than +/;- 5 %. Starting from 2 persons it becomes more and more difficult to get an optimal line balancing.

Peripheric advantage: At the Peripheric single manual workstation, cycle times are completely eliminated. Each person works according to their own daily rhythm.